No matter if she dreams of a huge princess ball gown, or an edgy silk jumpsuit, every bride wants to look her most beautiful on her big day. Apart from the dress, every look is made complete with the perfect hair and makeup. Nothing elevates a make-up look so dramatically as a pair of falsies. However, some women are still intimidated by the application process or worry that they might be too obvious. Actually, there are several kinds of false lashes, and each is different in terms of cost, longevity, application, and effect. If you are on the fence about wearing falsies, take a look at our handy guide.


Lash extensions are the most long-lasting out of all lash solutions. They can give you a dramatic look that will really make you shine in your wedding photos. They will also spare you from the stress of trying to apply falsies on your big day. The lashes are attached with a specially formulated glue that, with regular touch-ups (normally once a month), allows them to stay on permanently. If extensions are your choice, make sure you get them done at a professional salon to avoid damage to your natural lashes or even an allergic reaction or infection. When done by a pro, the application process is safe and painless. Depending on the volume, length, and type of hair (mink, silk or synthetic), the initial procedure normally costs anywhere from $100 to $400, while touch-ups are around $50-$70.  


Bride Guide: Here's Why You Should Wear Lashes on Your Wedding Day Beautiful Brides Philly Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings

Individual lashes are actually little clusters of 3 to 4 lashes each. Each pack comes with plenty of these little clusters in varying length. They are glued on using lash glue. Individual lashes provide a lighter, less dramatic look. It takes a bit of practice, but once you master it, you can achieve a very natural, fluttery look. They are also a great option if you only need to fill in some patches of sparse lashes. The usual price range for natural individual lashes is from $3 to $15, and each pack contains enough lashes for several uses. Theoretically, they can be reused if cleaned properly, but with the low price tag, it might not be worth the hassle.


Bride Guide: Here's Why You Should Wear Lashes on Your Wedding Day Beautiful Brides Philly Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings

Strip eyelashes are not permanent, and are a good solution if you normally like your natural look, but want to go dramatic for your special occasion. You can achieve any look you imagine, regardless of the quality of your natural lashes. The application can be finicky and stressful. If you have never done it before, but really want them for your wedding day, let a professional make-up artist apply them for you. Depending on the brand, style, and quality, they can cost anywhere from a few bucks, to $50 a pair. With proper care, they can be re-used.

Ultimately, it’s important you look and feel gorgeous on your wedding day, but what matters most is your comfort. It’s best to try out falsies beforehand. Experiment with different types, and then make an educated decision based on your experience to ensure you look radiant and feel at ease.

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